Running…Privilege or Punishment?

WOW! I could write a lot about this! You’ve seen it before.

Young players give their all during a 60-90 minute practice, doing everything their coach asks. At the end of practice the coach says,”Ok someone step up to shoot a foul shot. If you miss it EVERYONE runs!”

Little Johnny or Susie steps up hoping to end practice and dodge the guilt and shame they will feel if they miss. (MAKES ME CRINGE!)

At Tipoff Basketball, we do the exact opposite! At the end of practice we ask someone to step up and if they make it we keep running. If we miss, practice is over and everyone is encouraged to give a high five to the player for doing their best.

Reality is that running is a privilege, not a punishment! If we make a shot at the end of the game, we move on to the championship and need to condition more to prepare. If we miss the shot, the season is over. Disappointment yes, but not shame or guilt! We applaud players for giving their best effort.



Coach Hunt has been developing players and adults over 20 years. He combines his Leadership/Life Coaching skills with his basketball knowledge and training to bring out the very best in each of his coaches, players, and families.