Let’s Beat Stress This Season!

Basketball and the holiday seasons have begun. As parents and coaches, sometimes we miss joyful moments because we allow stress to win. Here’s a game plan to enjoy more this year!

Offensive Mindset- Identify who’s the most important to you. Since we are all limited in time, energy, and resources, choose your top ten and focus on them first. If you have more to give, then consider others after that. Every time we say yes to someone, we’re saying no to everyone else. So, let’s choose wisely who we say yes too! It may help to write your list on paper. 

Defensive Mindset- Identify the people and situations that drain your energy the most. Consider limiting your time with them and become more intentional with the people and things that give you energy. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? You will be more relaxed and fun to be around when you take care of yourself! It may be equally helpful to write two lists. 1) Who and What drain me? 2) Who and What give me energy? 

What else comes to mind when you think about these things? Please share your thoughts and ideas so we will all win together! 

-Written by our founder, Dion John Hunt.