Dominate, Win, Learn

Over the years I’ve seen many young players hanging their heads after making a mistake and even heard people yelling at them from the sidelines. Too often kids are playing with fear, afraid to make a mistake, rather than embracing the process and continuing to work towards improving or a win. 

When fear and a lack of confidence collide, it usually doesn’t develop the kind of students athletes we say we want them to become. So, what if we change our mindsets? 

When a player makes a mistake and puts their head down, what if we pull them aside to ask, “Sometimes we win and sometimes we… (what)?” They will likely answer, “Lose.” We can correct that mindset by saying we don’t teach that around here. Our mindset is that sometimes we WIN, sometimes we DOMINATE, and sometimes we LEARN. We are either winning or learning around here. 🙂 

We expect you to make lots of mistakes so go have fun. Immediately their eyes will light up with hope and confidence will begin to build. Being positive isn’t always easy, but it produces more confident and skilled players in the long run! 

-Coach Dion